Sicurella&Co.fotografi got and continues to get several national and international prizes and awards.


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Recommended Gold 2015.


Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile


The first photographic studio authorized from ENAC in Sicily.


Fondo Internazionale Orvieto Fotografia


FIOF AWARDS CONTEST is the meeting place of the best photographers of all specializations, a comparison of great cultural and professional level, an event that annually grows and establishes itself as the most ambitious of the international photography competitions.

A challenge that does not require courage, but passion for their work, and a real creative talent, that only with the comparison with other colleagues succeeds to express itself through the art of photography.


Qualified European Photographer


A Europe-wide qualification in professional excellence

The Qualified European Photographer (QEP) qualification aims to recognise and reward excellence in European Professional Photographers. It is designed to complement national awards systems and has created a Europe-wide network of more than 400 certified experts who share a passion and talent for professional photography.


Qualified Italian Photographer


Qualified Italian Photographer – QIP is the certification of the possession of certain professional requirements by the photographer, recognized in Europe. It is an important and unique opportunity to test their skills.

Fearless Awards

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Fearless Awards are stunning wedding photos that excel in redefining wedding photography or are just too amazing! We’re very selective – less than 1 in 10 images submitted are awarded by our curators and displayed in the photographers’ profiles as Fearless Awards.


Wedding Photography Select

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At WPS we want to showcase the best wedding photography in the United Kingdom and from around the world. We want to see images that make you smile, laugh and even cry or an image that just makes you say ‘That’s Lovely’. We’re not really bothered by techinical ability, we’re only bothered by visually stunning images in the world of wedding photography. A great wedding photo is just a great wedding photo and that’s about it.


World Elite Photographers

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WEP is intended to pursue excellence in professional photography around the world, promoting the deserving photographers such excellence, recognizing the artistic, technical and emotional talent of their work.