Rita and Edoardo


Simplicity and elegance are the two words that come to mind when I talk about Rita and Edoardo. Our two young spouses celebrate their wedding at the Madonna di Fatima sanctuary of Santa Tecla, an open-air church in the Acese area, where weddings and religious celebrations have been celebrated since 1968.

The Sanctuary is as evocative and panoramic as the Riviera dei Ciclopi, a protected nature reserve, between black stacks that emerge from the blue water and the Lachea Island. All these qualities make it one of the wonders of the Acese panorama, excellent for a particular and out of the ordinary shooting.
We are in the Ionian Sea, which runs along a large part of Eastern Sicily, and among the laughter of our spouses we have taken 
some very panoramic shots that show them grappling with their boat!!
A few more shots at sunset and we move to the “Baia Verde” 4-star location famous also thanks to the charm of the terrace overlooking the sea,

which creates emotions, in a dream setting.
This is how their big day, unforgettably full of emotions, ends between dancing, singing, chatting and laughter!!


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