Delfina and Carmelo


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A love story that goes overseas

“The most beautiful day of our lives” is how Carmelo promises his eternal love to Delfina.
This story begins in Trecastagni, a locality in Catania, in the Church of San Nicola di Bari, here the view is truly breathtaking, but it didn’t end there…. When Carmelo and Delfina came to the studio they had in mind to perform a double ritual, one for religious (in the city) for relatives and closest friends and the other with a civil ceremony for all friends, a real party with no dress code.
And where do they decide to celebrate if not in the place where they met and fell in love?
We are in Stromboli, an island belonging to the Aeolian archipelago, in Sicily and on board their Ape 50 they enter a suggestive village on the island amidst smiles, knowing glances and the affection of their loved ones. After a short ritual, their promises and just a few shots catapulted themselves into the party amidst dancing, music and lots and lots of good Sicilian food.

The civil ceremony gives you many emotions, the speeches dedicated to the spouses during the ritual allow you to get to know them and go beyond appearances: Carmelo a fearless man who is always on the move, Delfina a sweet and delicate woman.


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