Founded in 1965 by Emilio Sicurella, a nationally and internationally renowned photographer, the team is made up of professionals who are always striving for perfection in their images. Emilio Sicurella was born in Catania in 1944 and became passionate about photography at the age of 7 thanks to his sister who worked with an ancient master photographer in Catania. He traveled around Italy and abroad to perfect his knowledge in the field of photography. He later established himself as a photojournalist and photographer of international film events, including the “David di Donatello”.

He decided to shift his focus and talent to the world of weddings, a passion that he passed on to his sons Enzo, Paolo and Danilo Sicurella, who continue the family business with dedication and innovation.

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“From London to Ravello”

We always return to where we had a good time, and for us Ravello is an Italian gem to which we always return with great pleasure because the air we breathe and the suggestive views that this location gives us are an inspiration for us. This time we are faced with Haley and Alex, two London boys we met through “Amoretti Weddings”, and who immediately enter our hearts for their sympathy and simplicity. We immediately understood that it would be one of the weddings that would have marked us the most in this 2022, even if in reality there wasn’t a real preparation typical of the classic wedding we know because everything here seemed like a party!!
Bridesmaids, witnesses and even the groom in a pastel green mise en place for the bridesmaids and sand-colored for all the witnesses and the groom which typically recalls the London style!! A walk to reach Villa Eva, which reserves a breathtaking panorama for anyone lucky enough to enter it and where the spouses celebrated their union in a civil ceremony and then continued with a fantastic refreshment until late in the evening between a few chats, an infinity of dancing and a few cigars as icing on the cake of this wonderful day!
Our video was awarded in October on Wevsy, a site for professional videographers from all over the world, as best video of the day!!


37°30’09.61″N 15°05’14.17″
“A love story that goes overseas”

“The most beautiful day of our lives” is how Carmelo promises his eternal love to Delfina.
This story begins in Trecastagni, a locality in Catania, in the Church of San Nicola di Bari, here the view is truly breathtaking, but it didn’t end there…. When Carmelo and Delfina came to the studio they had in mind to perform a double ritual, one for religious (in the city) for relatives and closest friends and the other with a civil ceremony for all friends, a real party with no dress code.
And where do they decide to celebrate if not in the place where they met and fell in love?
We are in Stromboli, an island belonging to the Aeolian archipelago, in Sicily and on board their Ape 50 they enter a suggestive village on the island amidst smiles, knowing glances and the affection of their loved ones. After a short ritual, their promises and just a few shots catapulted themselves into the party amidst dancing, music and lots and lots of good Sicilian food.

The civil ceremony gives you many emotions, the speeches dedicated to the spouses during the ritual allow you to get to know them and go beyond appearances: Carmelo a fearless man who is always on the move, Delfina a sweet and delicate woman.


Indian wedding

Colors, dances and traditions

In our career we have participated in many weddings between Catholic, Jewish and Evangelical rites, we had never witnessed an Indian ceremony and today Nilesh and Nipa gave us the honor of telling their magnificent day.
The Indian wedding is totally different from all the others, first of all we know that it varies from region to region and each of them has more or less different rites … in our case we accompanied the spouses for 3 days: the first day we spent with the bride and groom, we took a few shots of their pre-preparation day, then our attention shifted completely to the bride whose hands and feet were decorated with intricate henna designs (later it was explained to us that it serves to indicate the bond between her and her future husband). Another curiosity is that at the end of the ritual, her parents begin a fast that will last until their wedding day with the aim of arriving at the event pure and cleansed of all sin.
The next day before the couple gets married they go through the Haldi ceremony, which is when their families gather to sprinkle oil, water and turmeric on the couple. The mixture goes everywhere, on the skin and on the clothes, and is believed to bless the couple. It also has the double effect of moisturizing the skin before the wedding, which takes place later that day. Between rites, colors, dances and a lot of emotion we proceed with the real union of the spouses.

The third day, on the other hand, is very close to our traditions: the spouses “undress” of their traditional clothes to wear classic wedding dresses and have fun and move on to the real celebrations for this union between speeches, dances and lots of delicious food .

Among the shots I think we can fully perceive all the emotions of that day, not only for the spouses and relatives, but also for us who have witnessed all the various rituals.


Altitude 3000 meters on Etna
“A breathtaking place to celebrate their wedding”

When Mavie and Andrea came to our studio, they were really impressed by some shooting shots taken for a couple in this enchanting location: the observatory at 3000 meters above sea level on Etna. It was certainly not in their plans to celebrate their wedding in a lunar panorama but thanks also to the help of Rossella Lanzafame and all the “Wedding on the Moon” staff, they managed to make their dream come true in a suggestive panorama that gives emotions unique.

We reached the observatory by off-road vehicle departing from Piano Provenzana, and as we walked along the road that would take us to our destination, all the emotions of this first marriage after the lockdown were touched by hand… RAI (national television, clubs, relatives, mother and father witnesses, all present to celebrate love!!
Immediately after the ritual we chose the panorama just a few steps from the observatory to take a few shots of the couple before going to the Atlantis Bay, a 5-star structure located on a cliff in the bay of the sirens in Taormina and right there on the platform flows into the sea the dances began in an atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Mavie and Andrea are beautiful, two simple guys full of life, simple yes but not trivial, in fact they gave us moments of light-heartedness and happiness as well as some internationally awarded shots. (awarded photo)


Harry Potter Wedding
“From London to the Amalfi Coast”

Aj and Poonam, a couple from London with the dream of a wedding celebrated in Ravello, known for its extraordinary gardens close to its cliffs and a few steps from the Amalfi coast, in Italy.
With the help of “Amoretti Weddings” a luxury wedding company active between the United Kingdom and Italy, for years in the sector and specialized in luxury events, their dream came true.

The location chosen to celebrate the wedding is Belmond Hotel Caruso, a 5-star hotel as well as one of the most prestigious on the Amalfi coast, famous for its extraordinary view and for its position overlooking the sea!
Theirs was a marriage that combined Eastern and Western cultures, they loved the idea of having Harry Potter as their theme for their wedding, and after an emotional ceremony on one of the hotel terraces, we rushed between letters, keys, snitches and chocolate frogs, all decorated in the colors of gold and red (the two colors of Gryffindor house). All concluded with the cutting of the cake at the hotel’s well-known infinity pool where the bride and groom and their guests went wild with dancing until late in the evening.
I think that “Amoretti Weddings” have created something incredibly innovative!!
What can I say, for us Ravello was endless magic!!!


Love in Palermo
“Southern flavors”

Palermo, the capital of Sicily, among churches, historic buildings, fountains and squares, there is not a corner of the city that does not speak of its past in addition to its current title of “European capital of street food”. We are amazed by the beauty of this city but also by the typical Mediterranean beauty of the spouses, especially Maria Rita with thick and dark hair and deep eyes, a woman who perfectly recalls the typical canons and beauties of our land.
The Church of the Immacolata Concezione al Capo stands in the heart of the homonymous historical market in Palermo, ideal for recreating typical shots of street photography, and right there, between the kisses of the spouses and some applause from the street vendors, we had fun filming our Maria Rita and Mirko before arriving at the Tonnara Florio.
Typical Palermo food and 50s/60s dances accompanied us throughout the lunch and up to the cutting of the cake which took place at sunset in this enchanting place, close to the Mediterranean Sea.



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