Hailey and Alex


From Catania to Ravello

We always return to where we had a good time, and for us Ravello is an Italian gem to which we always return with great pleasure because the air we breathe and the suggestive views that this location gives us are an inspiration for us.

This time we are faced with Haley and Alex, two London boys we met through “Amoretti Weddings”, and who immediately enter our hearts for their sympathy and simplicity.

We immediately understood that it would be one of the weddings that would have marked us the most in this 2022, even if in reality there wasn’t a real preparation typical of the classic wedding we know because everything here seemed like a party!!

Bridesmaids, witnesses and even the groom in a pastel green mise en place for the bridesmaids and sand-colored for all the witnesses and the groom which typically recalls the London style!! A walk to reach Villa Eva,

which reserves a breathtaking panorama for anyone lucky enough to enter it and where the spouses celebrated their union in a civil ceremony and then continued with a fantastic refreshment until late in the evening between a few chats, an infinity of dancing and a few cigars as icing on the cake of this wonderful day!

Our video was awarded in October on Wevsy, a site for professional videographers from all over the world, as best video of the day!!


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