Mavie and Andrea


Altitude 3000 meters on etna

A breathtaking place to celebrate their wedding

When mavie and andrea came to our studio, they were really impressed by some shooting snaps taken for a couple in this enchanting location: the observatory at 3000 meters height on etna. it definitely wasn’t in their plans to celebrate their wedding in a lunar scenery but thanks to the help of rossella lanzafame and all the “wedding on the moon” staff, they managed to realize their dream in a suggestive scenery that gives emotions unique.

we reached the observatory using off-road vehicles departing from piano provenzana, and while we were traveling the road that would lead us to the destination, we had touching all the emotions of this first wedding after the lockdown… rai (national tv), local tv , relatives, witnesses mom and dad, all present to celebrate love!!

immediately after the ritual we chosen the panorama just a few steps from the observatory to take some shots of the couple before going to the atlantis bay, a 5-star structure that is located on a cliff in the bay of sirenes in taormina and right there on the platform that it flows onto the sea the dancing has opened in an atmosphere of celebration and fun.

mavie and andrea are beautiful, two simple guys full of life, simple yes but not trivial, in fact they have given us moments of carelessness and happiness as well as some international award-winning shots.


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