Nipa and Nilesh


Indian wedding | Colors, dances and traditions

In our career we have participated in many weddings between Catholic, Jewish and Evangelical rites, we had never witnessed an Indian ceremony and today Nilesh and Nipa gave us the honor of telling their magnificent day.
The Indian wedding is totally different from all the others, first of all we know that it varies from region to region and each of them has more or less different rites … in our case we accompanied the spouses for 3 days: the first day we spent with the bride and groom, we took a few shots of their pre-preparation day, then our attention shifted completely to the bride whose hands and feet were decorated with intricate henna designs (later it was explained to us that it serves to indicate the bond between her and her future husband). Another curiosity is that at the end of the ritual, her parents begin a fast that will last until their wedding day with the aim of arriving at the event pure and cleansed of all sin.
The next day before the couple gets married they go through the Haldi ceremony, which is when their families gather to sprinkle oil, water and turmeric on the couple. The mixture goes everywhere, on the skin and on the clothes, and is believed to bless the couple. It also has the double effect of moisturizing the skin before the wedding, which takes place later that day. Between rites, colors, dances and a lot of emotion we proceed with the real union of the spouses.

The third day, on the other hand, is very close to our traditions: the spouses “undress” of their traditional clothes to wear classic wedding dresses and have fun and move on to the real celebrations for this union between speeches, dances and lots of delicious food .

Among the shots I think we can fully perceive all the emotions of that day, not only for the spouses and relatives, but also for us who have witnessed all the various rituals.


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