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Founded in 1965 by Emilio Sicurella, a nationally and internationally renowned photographer, the team is made up of professionals who are always striving for perfection in their images. Emilio Sicurella was born in Catania in 1944 and became passionate about photography at the age of 7 thanks to his sister who worked with an ancient master photographer in Catania. He traveled around Italy and abroad to perfect his knowledge in the field of photography. He later established himself as a photojournalist and photographer of international film events, including the “David di Donatello”.

He decided to shift his focus and talent to the world of weddings, a passion that he passed on to his sons Enzo, Paolo and Danilo Sicurella, who continue the family business with dedication and innovation.

Sicurella & Co boasts numerous awards in the field of photography and cinematography thanks to their professionalism, which is enriched year after year with training courses that allow them to remain one of the most important companies in both the wedding industry and the field of international marketing. Their goal is to capture the essence of the moment and create unforgettable images that will last over time, which is why they prefer to have direct contact with their clients to get to know them and make their day unique and unforgettable.

The company’s main headquarters is located in Catania, but the team travels all over the world for work. They have had the opportunity to photograph wonderful places such as Panarea in the Aeolian Islands, Portofino, Marechiaro in Naples, the Scala dei Turchi in Agrigento, Ortigia, Puglia, the Amalfi Coast, Calabria, Grosseto, Lake Como and Taormina.

“Our portraits must reveal characters, emotions, and their life journey. In a shot, we try to represent the person in its entirety.”

Their experience, creativity, and attention to detail come together to create images that tell stories, emotions, and memories that last over time.

Our Staff

Paolo Sicurella


Partner Company Sicurella

Vincenzo Sicurella

FilmMaker e Video Editing

Danilo Sicurella


Partner Company Sicurella

Damien Pintaldi

FilmMaker e Video Editing

Graziana Parisi

Photo Editor & Sales Manager

Emilio Sicurella Jr

FilmMaker e Video Editing

Natalie Bruno

Front Desk


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