Cristina and Domenico


Not everyone knows that the greatest love stories hide from a cross of glances, today we tell the story of Cristina and Domenico.
She has a disarming beauty, sweet eyes and red hair and he is an endless romantic!!
They promised each other eternal love in the fantastic Cathedral of Taormina, located a few steps from the historic center of this Sicilian pearl.
After the ceremony waiting for them outside the guard of honor with which Domenico’s Carabinieri colleagues lined up on the sides of the entrance door with sabers raised to form a bridge under which, before being invaded by petals and rice, the newlyweds!!
A few shots in the famous city where the “Taormina Film Festival” was underway, a very important event in terms of cinema, to immediately move on to a very fun party between dancing and drinking at the “Radice Pura” enchanting location a few steps from Giarre.


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