Federica and Gianmarco


This year we were lucky enough to meet Federica and Gianmarco, a Catanese couple with the desire to celebrate their wedding in one of the gems on the eastern Sicilian coast: Ortigia. Ortigia is a small island located in the heart of Syracuse,  full of small streets that recall the classic Baroque style.
The ceremony took place in the church of San Giovannello, an open-air church famous throughout the Syracuse area. Federica wears a fantastic smile as soon as she catches the eye of Gianmarco, who was waiting for her at the altar…

The ceremony was really exciting thanks also to the speeches of the two boys and as soon as the bride and groom crossed the center of Ortigia, all eyes were focused on them; a “magic hour” kept us company during all the shooting shots and as soon as the couple let themselves go we took the opportunity to steal some simple but truly amazing shots!! As soon as we arrived at the club, however, the surprises weren’t over yet: a fantastic luminaria, Sicilian singers and Federica surprises us by changing clothes and transforming into a real dancer until the end of the evening!!


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