Tiziana and Manuel


San Biagio Church in Acireale, a hot June day and a whirlwind of emotions!! This is how this June 21, 2021 begins for us.

Manuel with eyes filled with tears for so much joy awaits Tiziana to arrive aboard the red convertible Volkswagen Karman Ghia car from the 60s but still loved by many spouses who prefer it over all the more recent sports cars!!

We love to shoot among the palaces of the historic centre, and we take the opportunity to take some shots also inside the cloister of the convent of San Biagio, a characteristic place renovated after the ’63 earthquake.

After the shooting photos we move towards “La Casa del Grecale” a farmhouse set between the Timpa di Acireale and the Ionian Sea where the reception will take place accompanied by a special band, the one where the groom Manuel sings, who between Rock and Roll music 50s style involves every guest, from the smallest to the largest!!


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