Grant yourself the joy of a surprising and wonderful gift: let yourself be told.

LIFE WRITING involves writing down people’s lives. It’s about describing in words all the precious moments of a personal, family, couple, or work story, capturing its most significant moments, and giving great value to the authentic expression of emotions.

It used to be common practice to ask a writer to turn a life into a story. Just as it was common during ceremonies, parties, and big occasions to narrate the story of the protagonists of those events to the guests.

And that’s because we humans are made of stories; we need them every day, and we tell them every day. But above all, because hearing someone else tell our story gives us an image and a sense of ourselves that completes us fully and makes us feel part of this world.

At Sicurella, we give you the opportunity to experience this. Events, ceremonies, weddings, births, celebrations: through LIFE WRITING, we will create a treasure of words with immeasurable value, capable of lasting in memory and enduring over time.

Trust us. Francesca will choose the right words and carefully narrate your story, whether it’s about love, birth, work, or any other fragment of life. Because your unique story deserves to be celebrated in an important and exclusive way.

What we offer:


(You can choose one or more of these services):

• OUR WRITTEN STORY: the story of your love, formatted and printed as a book, accompanied by a photo album of your wedding day embellished with excerpts from the story itself.

• OUR STORY TOLD: live narration of your love story on your wedding day, to be offered as entertainment to the guests.

• OUR STORY AS A KEEPSAKE: the story of your love, formatted and printed as a book, to be offered as a gift to the guests.


(You can choose one or more of these services):

• THE BOOK: the written, formatted, and printed account of a personal or work story, along with a photo album embellished with excerpts from the book itself.

• THE NARRATIVE: live narration of the story written in the book, during an event, to be offered as entertainment to the guests.

• THE GIFT: a copy of the book to be offered as a gift to the guests.



She began studying acting at a very young age in Catania, and simultaneously experimented with self-taught writing in poetry and theater. In 2012, she moved to Florence, where she attended the School for Actors and the Dramaturgy Course taught by Stefano Massini. In the same year, she met director and writer Francesco Niccolini, with whom she would attend several workshops on storytelling and theatrical writing over the years. Back in Sicily, she studied the art of storytelling and Opera dei pupi (Sicilian puppet theater) with storyteller Mimmo Cuticchio and puppeteer Antonino Amico Trombetta. She has conducted numerous theater workshops in schools, companies, and cultural associations. She is the author and director of the show “Stereo Stories – rebellious tales against gender violence,” created for the Thamaia Anti-Violence Center, and the show “Fiamà,” presented at the Catania Courthouse on the occasion of the Day of Legality. She has also collaborated for several years with the Feltrinelli bookstore in Catania, staging numerous readings and performances for adults and children. Since 2023, she has been collaborating as a writer and storyteller with Sicurella Photographic Studios.


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